About Us

Welcome To Aumorto

Aumorto is conceived by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture. Based out of Tollygunge in bustling South Kolkata, the institute exists since 1975 and has spawned numerous entities namely a reputed higher secondary school, founded on the educational philosophy of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, called The Future Foundation School ( ranked among the top 3 Day, Co-educational Schools of the city and state by Education World); its forerunner Arun Nursery, the latter named and blessed by the Mother herself; Galerie La Mere, inspired by the fact that the Mother was an important painter from the impressionist school in turn of the 20th century France, hosting numerous exhibitions of celebrated and upcoming artists; Shakti Centre, one of Kolkata’s most well-rounded schools for music, art and craft, and blessed by the Mother. The premises from which we function has been described by the Mother as the Home of Grace and her house in Kolkata.

In short we have been a second home for decades to people from all strata and walks of life, industrialists, academicians, litterateurs, artists, musicians etc.

In Sri Aurobindo’s words “An outer activity as well as an inner change is needed and it must be at once a spiritual, cultural, educational, social and economical action”.

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Aumorto is conceived by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture and managed by Sri Aurobindo Sanjeevani Trust, Kolkata.

About Aumorto

Nowadays people lead busy lives, their careers expect them to travel to other places, even other countries. They do not have time or possibility to take care of their ageing parents daily. Moreover, the parents, on their side, do not wish to relocate and adjust to an alien culture at an advanced age.

This problem is particularly acute in Kolkata. We have tried to form an understanding of what these elders who continue virtually alone in Kolkata may need.

What Elders Need

  • an environment that is not stressful
  • a situation where daily necessities are taken care of without them having to rush around
  • medical care
  • company of like-minded people
  • regular physical exercise, customised if necessary
  • balanced and nutritious diet
  • possibility of engaging in activities which they could not pursue because they were preoccupied in earning their livelihood.


  • People having 55+ years experience of life.
  • Those who want to stay in the lap of nature yet remain well connected with the charm of the city.
  • People who want to start a new innings in life, because their potential remains unfulfilled
  • People who have the ability to make a difference in others' lives by way of community service.
  • People who want a smooth transition from their work to a personal sojourn where they can develop a sense of belonging through living in a community, yet enjoy privacy.

Objectives of Aumorto

  • Aumorto is inspired by the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
  • People retiring at 60 years or thereabout feel that they have spent a lifetime in earning and raising a family and other material pursuits and have not given enough time and attention to knowing, realising and fulfilling themselves.
  • Aumorto proposes to bridge that gap so that those who desire can also partake of this unique experiment and live a longer and healthier, fulfilling and more meaningful life in harmony with the ecosystem and with the community.

Thus, what we are attempting to create is not an old age home or a hospice, as those terms are commonly understood, but an eco-system of an alternate way of living with a brighter, nobler purpose.

Elements of the Project

  • Apartments in a multi-storeyed facility
  • Gymnasium and outdoor recreation facilities
  • Library
  • Art Gallery
  • Community Kitchen and Dining facilities
  • Meditation Room
  • Medical facilities
  • Community Outreach