All the time in the world to rejuvenate your mind

As you step into a stress-free chapter of your life, we make sure your peace of mind is our priority. We offer a plethora of havens where you can truly connect with your inner self.

Meditation room

There is a spacious meditation hall for the residents in Aumorto where Collective Meditation will be held regularly. Cushions and chairs are also provided for the residents so they can meditate comfortably.


The well-equipped library in Aumorto for the residents will house more than 4000 titles. Apart from the works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, the Library has books on religion, literature, philosophy etc.

Landscaped Gardens

Enjoy a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk amidst the lush greenery on our landscaped gardens specially designed to be relaxing and active at the same time. Catch up with your fellow residents or improve your gardening skills as our landscaped gardens are the perfect way to unwind and socialise.

All the time in the world to live active

We at Aumorto believe in a holistic lifestyle of a peaceful mind in harmony with a vibrantly active lifestyle. We have a range of activities that not only lets you engage in your favourite games, but do so in a community.

Aumorto is also an experiment in community living and residents will be expected to take up some responsibilities in the functioning of the community in line with their talents, aptitudes and interests.

Fitness programmes

There are fitness and wellness programmes including Yoga specifically focused on improving your vitality, strength, flexibility and circulation.

Other activity-related amenities include a well-equipped gymnasium, walking track and a spacious room for indoor games and social gatherings.

In order to maintain a healthy life, it is of utmost importance to keep and maintain a healthy body. That is why we have regular round-the-clock emergency medical care,and qualified and an experienced medical care provider of repute for your medical needs.

Medical Services

There is provision for an emergency alert system, an infirmary and trained and experienced nurses 24*7 to attend to all emergencies, regular services of doctor, 24*7 ambulance at your doorstep. The closest hospital is the sub-divisional hospital at Baruipur. Renowned multi-speciality hospitals are barely an hour’s drive from Aumorto. There is also a Rehab Centre to take care of recuperating residents after their return from hospital.

  • Wheelchair and Patient Trolley
  • Medical Services - infirmary
  • Multi - Speciality
  • Rehab centre
  • First aid services and Basic medication
  • Fowler bed and mattress
  • Oxygen concentrator, Nebulizer, ECG, Blood Pressure check, Pulse check
  • 24 hours nursing support
  • General Physician check up on regular basis
  • Check up by a physiotherapist if necessary
  • 24 x 7 Ambulance service
  • Hospital admission and discharge assistance


Food gives us energy, improperly cooked food causes ailments, yet food cooked with nutritional understanding and care can be therapeutic. Our nutritionists will design and plan a nutritious and balanced diet aimed at staying healthy while being pleasing to the palate. Customisation will be done where needed to the extent possible. There is a spacious Kitchen facility equipped with modern and state of the art kitchen appliances where food will be cooked with utmost care in a hygienic manner, using the best ingredients. Fresh vegetables, fish and meat and oils and spices of good quality will be used for cooking.

Cleanliness of the highest order is maintained in the Kitchen and Dining Hall.

Dining Hall

All meals are served hot in the Dining Hall only through the day at specified timings. Food can be served in the suites only in the case of medical emergency.

The staff catering to the kitchen and dining hall are professionally trained in all areas of kitchen management.


There is an open cafeteria set in the centre of the beautiful Aumorto campus. Residents can choose to relax, unwind, socialise with fellow residents, while sipping tea, coffee, mocktails and enjoy a snack.

Room Service

There will be a room service menu placed in each room. Food and non – alcoholic beverages can be ordered all through the day against payment.

All the time in the world to explore

However comfortable and homely our retirement community maybe, we believe in the possibilities of exploring the neighbourhood. That is why we at Aumorto have devised extensive outdoor and indoor programmes that allow the residents discover more and express their creativity from within.

Cultural Classes

Shakti Centre, a cultural school to impart cultural education, is located at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture at Kolkata.

The centre offers courses at different levels on subjects like Vocal and Instrumental Music, Creative and Classical Dances, Art, Craft etc.

The residents of Aumorto may wish to enroll and learn a new instrument, a new form of classical dance, or a new genre of vocal music or maybe learn painting at the Sunday classes held at Shakti Centre.

Recreation & Cultural Programmes

There will be

  • Movie Screenings
  • Lectures / discourses: Talks, workshops, discourses, etc. will be conducted regularly on varied topics.
  • Support for pursuing hobbies like gardening, fishing, etc.
  • Social gatherings
  • Weekly City Visit
  • Yearly out of city tours (against payment)

When required Aumorto will arrange for transport of residents to various locations of the city at their cost. There is a car available at Aumorto so that residents are not inconvenienced in any way.

Art Gallery

Exhibitions of Paintings and Sculpture will be organised in Aumorto for the residents at least four times a year. Galerie La Mère, at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, is a reputed art gallery in Kolkata, named after The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. A little known fact is that the Mother was a painter of the Impressionist School and her work was exhibited in Paris along with many eminent painters of that period.

Many eminent artists like Ramananda Bandopadhyay, Debabrata Chakrabarti, Sanatan Dinda, Rabin Mondal, Amal Nath Chakladar, Sukti Subhra Pradhan, Wasim R Kapoor - to name a few, contribute to the exhibitions held at Galerie La Mère.

The residents can also explore their artistic side in our Art Studio.

Daily Activities

Activity Time
Yoga / Gym / Physical Training 06:30 HRS – 07:30 HRS
Breakfast 08:15 HRS – 09:30 HRS
Community Work 09:30 HRS – 13:00 HRS
Lunch 13:00 HRS – 14:30 HRS
Recreational Activities 16:30 HRS – 19:30 HRS
Dinner 20:00 HRS – 21:30 HRS